A deeper dive into the Overland Sauna stove

A deeper dive into the Overland Sauna stove

We’re bringing improvements to our product line

At Overland we are passionate about bringing the health and joy of sauna into the beauty of nature. We’ve worked hard to source products that achieve our goals of portability and convenience, without compromising on quality and sustainability. 

Though our initial field testing went well, unfortunately our first production round of stoves has not met our quality standards. We’ve gone back to our factory partner to see how we can get the portability we’re after with the quality we demand. The good news is, our manufacturer is eager to solve this problem with us, and after some more testing, we’re happy to say we’ve landed on a stove, now made of hardened steel, that’s easy to pack, quick to bring the heat, and maintains its structural integrity. 

We understand that there have been some questions from various online sauna forums about our intentions as a company, but as our customers have already learned, we are committed to providing a high-quality experience for anyone who purchases with us. Anyone who purchased the initial stove has been offered a replacement at no additional cost. 

We recognize that in the wide and wild world of e-commerce it can be difficult for consumers to sort through companies that are after quick profit vs. companies that are committed to building strong communities through quality manufacturing processes and great customer care. Overland is here for the long-term, and we are excited to continue to bring our passion for nature and sauna to more and more people.

Long live the sauna!

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