What Makes a Great Sauna Tent?

What Makes a Great Sauna Tent?

At Overland Saunas, we take great pride in understanding the dynamics and performance of what makes for a good sauna. Sauna pros, those that understand the particular nuances of what makes for a good sauna, refer to the “Holy Trinity of good sauna.” Here is a short summary of how the three elements of a good sauna relate to Overland Saunas.


The Overland Sauna gets hot. With good wood management, we’re talking 200° f. (93° c.) in about 20 minutes. As we sit on the sauna bench, heat is what raises our core body temperature. The health benefits of heat and contrast therapy are well documented. Creating really good heat is a differentiator as good heat helps us enjoy our time on the sauna bench and raises our core body temperature. The Overland Sauna stove is engineered to help transfer heat from the fire box into the rocks chamber above, then into our bodies, thoroughly, evenly, completely. (Note the three types of heat transfer here).


The heat in an Overland sauna is dense and thorough. 

As we sit on the sauna bench, this heat is what helps heat our bodies, not just our skins. Heated bodies initiate vasodilation of the cells in our bodies, heating our core body temperature, helping initiate sweat.


Those that know sauna, real sauna, understand: “no steam, no sauna.” The steam created from water being tossed on sauna rocks is what differentiates sauna from marginal facsimiles of sauna. And those into good sauna celebrate introducing water on sauna rocks, to create steam. As we introduce steam, it feels great and envelops us. 

Steam helps us enjoy our saunas. The steam created in an Overland Sauna is really good steam.


Heat and steam are two of the three critical components to sauna. And those who are into good sauna have a particular understanding of how ventilation is critical for a good sauna experience. The introduction of oxygen into the Overland Sauna tent helps fuel and feed the wood stove. Oxygen through good ventilation helps create a climate that is conducive to a good sauna experience. 

Good ventilation is an unseen differentiator for a good sauna experience. It’s the difference between sitting in an oxygen deprived closet vs sitting outside digging a few Wim Hof breaths in nature. Chances are, those that get short winded or dizzy in a sauna, may very well be taking a sauna with poor ventilation.

Overland Saunas are designed with operable vents that create excellent ventilation.

Thanks to careful attention to the holy trinity of good sauna: heat, steam, and ventilation, Overland Sauna tents provide a great sauna experience.

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